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Laminar flow transfer window

The negative pressure weighing room is composed of working area, return air box, fan box, air outlet box, external box, air supply high efficiency filter, air exhaust high efficiency filter, variable air volume fan unit, PLC control system and sensor system. The control panel is located in the front of the working area inside the equipment. The control panel adopts the touch screen control panel, which can control the start and stop of the fan, adjust the working condition of the fan, and adjust the required wind speed in the working area. There is a differential pressure gauge beside it to test the resistance of the filter. There is an exhaust regulating board in the air supply box, which can adjust the exhaust air volume of the equipment within a reasonable range.




1. Buzzer 2. Wind speed sensor 3. Pao injection port

4. DOP test port 5. Intermediate pressure difference table 6. Primary pressure difference table

7. High efficiency differential pressure gauge 8. Centralized control panel 9. Dust proof socket

10. Return air mesh plate 11. Exhaust air mesh 12. Start button

13. Emergency stop 14. Negative pressure area 15. Air duct

16. Fan case 17. Fan 18. Bag filter

19. Primary filter 20. High efficiency of liquid tank 121. Positive pressure area

22. Lighting 23. Current sharing membrane 24. High efficiency of liquid tank

Product advantages:

1. The fan has long service life, low noise, maintenance free and small vibration;

2. Double negative pressure structure, no leakage risk;

3. Excellent air distribution performance;

4. Automatic constant or step-by-step adjustment of wind speed;

5. The tank design ensures perfect sealing;

6. The inside and outside shall be consistent and clean without dead angle;


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