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Analysis of structural characteristics of indoor air shower


The air shower room is mainly composed of room body, lighting, filtering system, fan unit, nozzle, electric control and other parts.

(1) chamber body: the wall panel is made of color steel insulation board, the inner and outer panels are all color steel plates, the middle is filled with 60mm thick polystyrene material, PU foam is continuously formed; the inner and outer panels are pressed together with the insulation material as a whole. The size of personnel access door is (width × height) mm: 700 × 1800.

(2) indoor lighting: the lighting lamp is installed on the top of the room. The lamp tube adopts Philips high-efficiency light source, which is safe, energy-saving and easy to maintain. The ballast adopts the special ballast for spray room to ensure the light intensity ≥ 500lx.

(3) air supply and exhaust system of air shower room:

A. one set of air supply unit and one air supply fan shall be adopted for the air supply and exhaust configuration scheme, and centrifugal fan shall be adopted for the fan. One set of exhaust unit is used for room ventilation,

B. universal blowing nozzle: the indoor air is blown to different corners of the operator by universal blowing nozzle set on the top and side of the room body to ensure the clean quality.

C. control system: imported or joint venture components are used to make the whole control system have high reliability.

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