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Now there are many kinds of wind shower room how to choose Enping small weaving to analyze


Nowadays, there are many kinds of gas shower heads. There are many kinds of products in the market. The whole shower room has a series of air shower rooms and a series of air shower rooms for goods supply; the air blowing inspection method consists of single and double-sided air blowing inspection, front and back air blowing inspection, top blowing, etc.; the air shower door has options such as manual door, induction door, quick door, etc.

The wind shower room has the following advantages:

1. Cold rolled steel plate painting series products, adopt multi-layer high-level pickling passivation technology, electrostatic induction clean painting solution.

2. Select the blower time with large digital display information, the time of the air shower room can be adjusted between 0 and 99S, and the time of the information air shower room will be displayed.

3. The basic configuration is stainless steel handle, thick stainless steel base plate and stainless steel nozzle.

4. Select automatic control system for actual operation, double door electronic devices are interlocked, magnetic induction fully automatic blowing inspection, and double door is clamped during blowing inspection.

5. The wind speed of the blowing system designed with the new design concept is 25m / S ~ 32m / s, which can completely remove the dust of people and luggage entering the clean room.

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