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Explanation on the structure and installation of the filter in Shenzhen liquid tank


The requirements of the tank filter for the environment are very high, so this means that for the filter, it is necessary to thoroughly pay attention to the cleaning of the environment before safety. The following small series will explain the precautions for using the tank filter to you

1. The outer frame of the liquid tank filter mainly uses aluminum alloy profile, multilayer plate frame, aluminum plate frame and galvanized steel plate frame, and the most used is aluminum alloy profile frame, which is mainly made of square structure

2. Most of the filter materials are glass fiber, and the chemical fiber is gradually in use. The structure of colleges and universities is divided into two parts: whether there is partition or not, and whether there is partition. The non partition mainly uses hot-melt glue as the partition of filter element, which is convenient for mechanized production. In addition, it has the advantages of small volume, light weight, easy installation, stable efficiency and even wind speed

3. The efficiency of the liquid tank filter is better than that of the traditional plane filter, and the service life of the filter in the later stage can be prolonged

4. When installing the product, ensure that the air flow direction is consistent with the direction indicated by the arrow on the outer frame. When the filter assembled with corrugated plate is installed vertically, the corrugated plate must be vertical to the ground and not reverse. During installation, the filter should be handled with care. It is not allowed to pollute the environment. It is not allowed to knock or impact with tools. It is not allowed to touch the filter paper with hands or tools to prevent damage to the filter material and sealant

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