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What should be paid attention to when installing high efficiency air supply outlet?


1. Before installation, the first important point is that the size and efficiency requirements of efficient air supply outlets must meet the site design requirements of clean room and customer application standards

2. Before the installation of high-efficiency air supply outlet, it is necessary to clean the products and clean the clean room in an all-round way. For example, to clean the dust in the air-conditioning system, it is necessary to clean the air-conditioning system. Only when the cleaning requirements are met, it is necessary to clean the mezzanine or ceiling. The air-conditioning system to be cleaned again must be put into trial operation for more than 12 hours and cleaned again

3. The safe transportation of the high-efficiency air supply outlet shall be in strict accordance with the manufacturer's sign, direction, etc., and it shall be handled with care during the transportation process to avoid violent vibration and collision

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