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How to choose clean storage wardrobe


1. It is a healthy and convenient choice for you to store things in a clean closet with many doors and large space, clear classification, moisture-proof, moisture-proof, rust proof and cross contamination proof

2. It is equipped with stainless steel clasp outside, convenient to switch, all steel lock, safe and firm, stainless steel clothes hanging rod inside, and clothes are classified in order

3. This product is available in many options. It supports customization, classification and storage. It has huge storage space and can be collected everywhere. It can meet your storage needs as much as possible

4. It is made of excellent material, polished stainless steel, bright as new without fading, bacteria inhibition, high temperature oil layer removal, dust removal, etc., convenient for cleaning, environmental protection and health

Shenzhen Zhongke Shengjie purification equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in mass production of liquid tank sealed high-efficiency air supply outlet, A-level laminar flow hood, laminar flow bed, negative pressure weighing room, laminar flow transfer window, stainless steel clean storage wardrobe, shoe cabinet and other products. When all brands excessively pursue those gaudy East and West, we continue to focus on the details, maximize and perfect every tiny detail, so as to do a good job in production Product as target

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